Bring Merrymakers to Your Facility

If you are a senior serving facility that would like to have Merrymakers brand of fun come to your location please contact us to get information about how to become a partner.

Each facility is sponsored by a generous donation that underwrites the costs of the professional entertainment which is provided to your facility once per month.  We will be happy to work with you to find a sponsor who understands the value of the joy we can bring with the music we provide.

Many of our facilities receive sponsorship from donors at our annual Roast “adopt-a-home” auction, but many others are sponsored by individuals or businesses in the community who have a special relationship with your facility.   These donors may be able to provide ongoing support to bring the professional entertainment to your facility and we will gladly reach out to them to make the case for support.

Please call our offices at (402) 697-0205 to discuss the possibilities.