Litzenberg Long Term Care

Long Term Care at Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital is licensed for 46 beds, with some private and some double occupancy rooms.

Many services are available in Long Term Care for our residents. The Activities Department strives to meet emotional, spiritual and physical needs of each resident. In-house entertainment is provided in the form of musical guests and programs, cards, games and reminiscing groups. Outings include picnics, shopping, restaurant meals, horse racing trips, crane watching and theater visits.

Residents are encouraged to continue involvement in their communities by inviting clubs and organizations to meet here, or rides are provided for residents to attend meetings outside the facility.

Weekly non-denominational services and programs that include Bible study and monthly mass services are provided.

Our volunteer program consists of many people of all ages who assist with our activities. Some work with the residents and some work behind the scenes to help us accomplish our goal of keeping all residents active and stimulated while enjoying the highest possible quality of life.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies are available to our residents as out-patient services. Both Physical and Occupational therapists conduct resident screenings on a regular basis. Restorative Services are available five days a week and consist of range of motion exercises, cognitive programs to stimulate mental capabilities and positioning programs for the resident’s comfort and safety.

Our dietary department focuses on providing the best quality food service for all residents, patients, visitors and staff. Residents are served foods and beverages of their preference. Snacks are served between meals, often as part of the planned activities. Family members and guests are encouraged to dine with their resident in our lovely dining room.

Upcoming Events at Litzenberg Long Term Care

  • Joyce Torchia

    “The ‘stage’ has always been my calling.” Joyce has been smitten with performing since 1997. She has been a regular at the Bluffs Run Casino Talent Show and a member of Intergeneration Orch...

    • Dec 20, 2023
    • 2:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Litzenberg Long Term Care

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